Farran & Cdt Bellefontaine,LLc Is a Reliable Source of Trust Deed Investment.

An Investor who invests $200,000 with Farran & Cdt Bellefontaine,LLc, Inc. can earn an annual return between $12,000 and $28,000.  Private Investors may invest with a minimum of $50,000.

Trust Deed Investments pay higher annual yields for several reasons.

Most of the properties Farran& Cdt Bellafontaine LLc. lend on  owned  real estate investors. Most of our borrowers are self-employed and thus cannot provide the income documentation required by traditional lenders.  Our borrowers do provide income documentation and have the ability to repay the loans we arrange.   Our trust deed investments also pay higher yields because some of the properties we lend on may need repairs and these properties will not meet the requirements of traditional mortgage lenders or banks.  Some borrowers also need to complete their real estate transaction purchase quickly and other lenders cannot perform as quickly as We can close loans in as little as 4 days.

‚ÄčTrust Deed Investments provide several benefits.

Trust Deed Investments offer high annual returns, create greater cash-flow and are easy to understand investments. Trust Deed Investments also provide a predictable return and are less volatile than other investments.

Invest with confidence.

We are dedicated to offering safe and secured Trust Deed Investments.  We believe it is essential that every Trust Deed Investor be well-informed about the details of every Trust Deed Investment they consider.  Every Trust Deed Investor receives a formal Trust Deed Investment package and we advise every investor on the positive or negative factors of every investment.  Our investment package is thorough and includes a loan application, credit report and proof of ability to repay the loan. The investment package also includes a signed promissory note and trust deed that is insured by a title insurance policy.  Our investors are further insured by a fire and hazard insurance policy which names the investor as an additional Loss Payee.  Photos and property valuation are also provided.